Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Cardinals Dodo Improv

Recorded: Sandymount, 15th July, 2014

Photo by: Liam Geraghty

Culture File and the longform comedy improvisation troupe, The Cardinals, have recorded one of the Cardinal's completely un-scripted, made-up-on-the spot comedy shows specially for RTE Lyric FM listeners. And they've recorded it binaurally.

If you've never tried listening to a binaural recording, it's quite a special experience that pretty miraculously puts your ears right in the middle of the company as they perform. To hear it at work, all you have to do is download the file above (see that little downwards pointing arrow, top right?) and listen to it on headphones. 

Obviously, you can just play the file right here and now. But, to hear the full binaural glory, you defo need to click that little downwards pointing arrow and grab the large wav version, then use earphones to listen. It's a big file, so broadband it, y'all.

PS: The Cardinals are currently doing it live every Wednesday evening in The Workman's Club, Dublin, in The No. 9 Bar, 8.30pm. Twitter: @cardinalsimprov. Big thanks to: Kevin Brew for the ears. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Soundsdoable's Culture Culture File
Now On Soundcloud

We've always put the Xtras for Culture File on Soundcloud. It's a great place to find all those juicy bits that simply couldn't be squeezed into Culture File each day on RTE Lyric FM, Monday-Friday, 5.40pm.

But now, everything Culture File be available on Soundcloud: the podcasts and the Xtras, daily. You'll still be able to find Culture File in the places you're used to finding it - on tumblrwordpress and even good ole blogger. But now, you'll also be able to choose to listen or download from that great Soundcloud interface.