Sunday, November 11, 2007

By The Book:
Harold McGee’s On Food and Cooking

Luke with Jordi Artal, Cinc Sentits, Barecelona (Photo: Frank Plant)

Scientist and gourmet Harold McGee’s On Food and Cooking is credited with inspiring a generation of creative chefs including Heston Blumenthal and tonight’s guest, Barcelona ‘creative cuisine’ star, Jordhi Artal. McGee’s book was revolutionary in examining everything that happened in the kitchen from a rigorously scientific viewpoint, discovering the truth about the physics and chemistry of cuisine, and on the way kickstarting the movement that became known as “molecular gastronomy”.

By The Book is written, produced and presented by Luke Clancy
By The Book is a SoundsDoable production for RTELyricFM
Original music for the series is by Kevin Brew.


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