Tuesday, October 23, 2007

By The Book:
Robert Parker’s Wine of the Rhone Valley

(RTE Lyric FM, Sunday, October 28th, 10pm)

In this week's program, we'll have the company of wine négociant, Simon Tyrell, as we tread the grapes of Robert Parker's Wines of the Rhone Valley. Robert Parker is known the world over for the power his wine reviews exert over the wine market. A high score can mean a wine suddenly soars in value or becomes impossible to have – at any price. But first and foremost, before being a vinous kingmaker, Parker was an explorer, and his guide to the wines of the Rhone inspired an explosive rebirth in a once-unfashionable wine producing region.

By The Book is written, produced and presented by Luke Clancy
By The Book is a SoundsDoable production for RTELyricFM
Original music for the series is by Kevin Brew


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